Sunday, April 12, 2009

Late Afternoon

Well, I have been busy! I typed in and emailed to Lill a bunch of Passover recipes, mostly desserts but a few other standbys to have in the apartment. I got the laundry started and then was ready for a nap.

Lill called just before I got up. I think she had her freak-out about Righty last night and has decided that Florida is always there, there will be other launches, and she would rather be home when I have my surgery. She and Lou had a long talk, I only heard the endings, that that is what she decided to do. And that's okay with me. She has to be comfortable. After we finished talking, Lou and I went out and moved wood from Dave's and I restacked it in the side yard. A lot of it was already decomposing, so we only got about a half cord, but that's fine because it was free. When I checked into WW to record my lunch and activity points, a lot of the WWers had commented they came and read what is going on. Thanks girls, y'all are welcome anytime, and can leave comments if you want to. this whole blog business is new to me, but at least I'm writing things down......

The sun is still shining and I sat in the front yard with the dogs and generated my vitamin D while Lou planted his new seedlings-I can't remember what these are. I am a little upset that the roses didn't seem to make it over the winter, he will write Jackson Perkins and see what they say. I miss having a rose garden, but we don't have the sun we need for it here. there is one place along the brick wall by the driveway I'd like to try, but I think Lou is going to plant the gourds there so they can climb over the front bushes. won't we have an interesting yard this year?

For those of you who enjoy the American Songbook type music (30-50s or so) you should check out online. It started out as a high school station outside Cleveland, and people have kept it going for years because they really liked it. Lou and I have been listening for quite a while-i think it's almost all volunteer. Music is great.

Well, I FINALLY found a dog print fabric resource so I can make Donna her grooming smock. She has been getting completely covered when she does the brushing before showing the pugs. So, I have a pattern I'm playing with, and the material arrived yesterday. so, hopefully this week I'll get moving on it. I'll post a picture before I send it out to her. It turns out these people have a store not too far from Newport near the Oregon coast, so the next time we're off to OR and head to the coast, I'd like to stop in. It's a cute name-Goin' to the Dogs.

Well, I'm off to change laundry loads and jump in the shower.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a beautiful day! our was rainy and in the 40s, but we always need the moisture! I'm glad Lill wants to be there! She'll be a comfort to you and being there will be a comfort to her. My mom is a year older than you and I know as her daughter that I wouldn't be anywhere else. I'm so glad for your support system--and so glad for the timing of this apron swap so I can offer what I can from drizzly Colorado! Let me know if you would like to learn to link website's or learn more about posting pictures--asking me is not asking your daughters!!!