Sunday, March 8, 2009

unsunny Sunday

Today has been overcast, as was most of yesterday. I have a cold, and the gray day does not make it any better. I did nothing yesterday but drink herbal teas and sleep.

Lou has picked out a few spots to move the azaleas that aren't doing well next to the driveway. They should flourish in their new spots, but we can't move them yet as snow is predicted this week, even with temps in the 70s since Friday. A few more crocuses popped up, and that's always a nice sign.

I finished unpacking the UPS boxes from OR that the store packed to be sure the china wasn't broken. Everything is fine. Now I just have to figure out where I will house all the stuff I brought back. I also need to set up a calendar to deal with dressing all the dolls that need clothes so they can be sent off to their recipients.

We thought about going to AZ for Passover but that is not going to work. We will have to figure out a different time, maybe when we can road trip it. We need to discuss whether we will go to RI and take Passover up there, we haven't thought about it again since it first came up a few weeks ago.

I'm doing Weight Watchers online so I don't have to try and fit going to meetings into my week and I seem to be doing better at it this time. The online message boards are a real help and these women are pretty funny.

Did anyone else see any of the news articles about the quilts that are a little "racy" to the point that Quilting Magazine sent the mag out with a plastic bag to keep people from leafing through it at the store? The Washington Post article had a great quote, unfortunately I don't have the person's name, in response to the outrage some people were voicing. The lines went something like, "the quilting industry has got to move with the times. they need to realize that a 70 year old quilter may have danced naked at Woodstock." Great thought-we are getting older.....

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