Sunday, March 15, 2009

the Ides of March

How can an English major avoid a posting today? Bad day for Caesar, great day for me. My weight continues to go down fractionally, but a loss still counts as a loss. I have finally gotten to the mindset where I am comfortable doing what I am doing, with very little deprivation. Again, so much goes to Louis for his constant support and willingness to fill my dietary needs.

I've also found an instant 4 pound reduction: double mastectomy! Some may think that's an unpleasant thought but really, what do I need them for? I don't expect having to nurse another child. all depends on what the surgeon says on Wednesday. "Areas of concern" are just that and it's no use worrying overtime about it. It just has put me in a fairly reflective mood about what I need to accomplish in this house. So, it's off to the pit of the yellow room and trying to make sense of madness.

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