Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, not bloody Sunday

We had a great day today. We woke up reasonably early then went to the grocery store. I had to buy new supplies of cleaning stuff, so that pushed the bill a little over $100. That is my current goal for the near future, trying to keep the grocery bills under $100 including meat. That includes buying enough to make lunches for us most days. Another thing I am doing is putting $$ away for everytime I don't buy lunch out when I'm working. Little economies add up, I've already saved $120.00. Actually, it's been a lot more, but we keep taking it to spend rather than stop at the ATM or use the card....

After lunch we took a ride out to Home Depot with the top down. Wonderful! We got a few things for the plants and lots of birdseed. We came home and worked in the sunshine on the front yard. Lou moved another azalea and I cleaned out the lower beds of all the tacky looking leaves and dead stuff. It gives all those new little plants room to grow. It really looks nice. Then we sat on the front stoop and had a cold drink and just enjoyed.

When I checked my email the assignments for the swap had been sent out. My partner is a first-timer, too, from TN. She likes greens and persimmon oranges-definitely two colors I do not have in my stash at all. So, after the tests tomorrow, we will probably go to Goodwill again and I will see what is there. If not, it will be time to become creative......I can do it.

KS called this morning and reported in a fun evening last night. When she calls next I will tell her about her sleazy little dog, Violet, who kept trying to leave the yard this afternoon, and who went around the bushes and rolled in another animal's crap in the next yard. We kept smelling it when we were inside, and were blaming LuLu who has been leaving "bonbons" on occasion. We couldn't find anything on LuLu or her usual resting spots, and finally I looked at Lou and asked him to smell Violet. We had our culprit! Immediately into the bathroom and a bath with two different kinds of shampoo because Lou couldn't find the dog shampoo. And now she has the nerve to walk around smiling her doggy smile at us.

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