Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Today is not a bad day at all. Lou and I went out to the new accountant's office and got our taxes, and we'll be getting a little money back. Not bad...He also said we're doing everything right, especially since we set up the FSP this year.

Girls are good; Lillian called that arrangements for the Wakulla are made for May for the launch. I think I will send Lou down if he can get off work b/c he needs a vacation and it would be fun for him to hang out with them. Sarah is not going to Chicago for break, David hasn't found a job yet and is really tight on cash. she will wait until the summer and go for a long weekend. She'll either stay in Providence with her roommates or go to NYC for a few days.

Last night Lou and I looked over patterns and I have decided on a filet crochet pattern for a bedspread for Lillian and Jack as their heirloom gift because I do not like to do cross stitch well enough to do a tablecloth. I think we will be able to use it for the chuppah when they get married. It's a medallion pattern of roses-not surprising in the least. I haven't been through those Magic Crochet mags in years, I forgot how beautiful that work is. Of course, since this is done in thread and uses a size 4 steel hook, I may be cursing myself before long....

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