Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunny Day musings

Today was a beautiful sunny day. I thought I might be back in CA until I walked outside to the 18 degree temperature. I cannot get used to sunny skies and cold air. Jack took the TARDIS tissue cover to AZ for Lillian and she really liked it--called as soon as she unwrapped it. I do have to admit, it does look really good. Of course, his taking it meant I didn't bring it home to take pictures, put in my label, that will have to happen later. I think our next adventure will be a Dalek toilet tissue cover. I mean, we have all this plastic canvas left over so we should use it up. As long as Lillian stays a Dr. Who fan, we have lots of source ideas.

One of my pet peeves is why can't people follow directions? Especially if they've been told a few times? I just don't understand why people don't listen.

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