Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Saturday night.....

Lou just went to bed, I think his acupuncture treatment really put him into his "happy place" and that he needs to sleep it off. That's okay because I am busy with my swap work. I have decided to combine aspects of two '50s style aprons for my partner. I have everything cut out and will sew tomorrow. I decided to make a reversible apron that meets the swap requirements on one side and meets my requirements on the other....I hope she likes it! I do have to thank her (I think) for one thing: I now have orange material in my stash. Who would have ever thought?

I used a tablecloth from Aunt Dorth's that I had wrapped glassware in to bring back from Cleveland. It's oblong and doesn't fit the table here, and it's nice cross stitch. It is only one color, looking at the other linens I have from the family I realize we are a monochromatic bunch. Most of the table linens are one color embroidery. It isn't one of my partner's colors of choice, but the flip side will be. I may add some rick rack to the tablecloth side, I'll have to see it made up to make the decision. Louie thinks I'm obsessing about this-he's probably right, that's my usual pattern.

The doctor finally called late yesterday afternoon with minimal information. He was in Germantown and my file is in his Rockville office. The minimal news is that I'm headed for more tests, so it looks like I'd better get my butt in gear and get this swap apron finished tomorrow. The other parts of the package are ready, I just need to find some nice recipe cards to write out the vintage recipe. I'm not sure if I'll send the busy day cake or Aunt Ethel's relish recipe..another decision put off until tomorrow.

I'm off to watch a movie.

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