Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, sunny morning

LuLu kept waking me up last night but didn't want to go outside once I got to the kitchen, I think she just wanted to stick her nose outside and get a doggie cookie when she came back from the doorway. I wonder if I should count all those trips from the bedroom to the back door as activity for WW?

We finally motivated about noon to go to the store. Fortunately it was a short trip because we didn't need that much, but it was a great ride because the sun was out and we put the top down. I tried to convince Lou to find a nursery far, far away to ride to looking for pachysandra but he wasn't into it. Instead, once the groceries were put away and lunch finished, I threw in some laundry and started the actual sewing of my swap partner's apron. I could echo Tara, who made mine, "I'm not sure I want to give it away". The tablecloth part is coming out really pretty and the flip side-the kitschy 50s side-even better. Lillian says to make sure and take a lot of pictures. I'm taking them, but I have no idea how to put them into these musings. KS said she'd help me, but she's really busy with schoolwork that has to get done. so, maybe I'll try and figure out on my own. I want to go down and do some more work on it, but I'm feeling a little guilty that I was downstairs basically all day today.

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