Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yes, the sun is shining and all the early plants are up and enjoying it! The magnolia will be in full bloom in a few days and hopefully we will not have a frost to ruin the flowers.

Every day I learn a little bit more about navigating the links I keep finding. I suppose it counts as firing up brain cells, but I still feel remarkably stupid trying to figure out all this blog stuff. It reminds me of story problems in math-easy for some people, the language of another planet to me....

The best thing about the reunion site for Hts is the different people who I've heard from and gotten back in touch with. I still don't want to go, but I'm weakening. I found the 9th grade Basketball All-Star picture in the cedar chest. Who would ever think that 5'4" was tall enough for basketball? Maybe I will scan it in to Val since all the sports pictures are the boys' sports....

We should get word on the apron swap any day now; I hope those patterns from Annie's Attic get here to work on. hmmm, more and more UFOs (unfinished objects) starting to clutter the couch. Louis is not happy. I will definitely move them tomorrow.

I tried to set up the dvd/vcr I brought back from Eugene but I'm not sure if it's he unit (from 06) or me that I can't get the tuner to register the cable channels. Oh well, I guess we still won't be recording up here, but at least we can watch dvds now......

Life is good.

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