Monday, June 1, 2009

Glad we have a downstairs

there is something about the community that a college/university such as Brown creates. Maybe it's because of the small total population compared to a state school like Kent, but there's a real caring and sharing that develops and "plays itself forward" so to speak. I think it was spring break freshman year that Sarah's buddies Saskia and Eli came to visit and see the DC sites. The yellow room had more than ample sleeping space, and the kids had a ball. then, winter break this year Saskia stayed with us while she interviewed for a job after graduation, she's one of the lucky ones and got it. We offered her space while she looks for an apt, but it turns out another Brownie will already be starting her job and they will be rooming together and she will find the apt. We are, however, storing Saskia's "stuff" while she does Bike and Build this summer. So, the yellow room now has three girls' worth of stuff in varying degrees of "I'm going through it to get rid of what I don't need". Not much different than a few years back when Lilli's friend Ben had a summer internship on the Hill and stayed with us since his internship didn't have a stipend and housing isn't exactly cheap around here. When Ben asked why we were willing to put him up (and feed him, his girlfriend, and on occasion his brother) Lou said it's because that's what we do-whether he meant as a Brown alum (he is) or as Jewish parents wasn't clear and didn't matter. Either way, it's clear that years down the road when these kids have children and their children's friends need a place, they will most likely offer it because they've been recipients.

Today was a pretty good day though it did wipe me put physically. Sarah and I did the first leg of professional clothes shopping before her internship starts; and since there really wasn't a place for me to sit down while she tried on lots of stuff, it did wear me out. However, she got some very nice things that say "professional" rather than "cute college girl who doesn't know how to dress for the real world". I'm really proud of the her, making the choice isn't always easy. Now, she needs some nice blouses and of course shoes, and hopefully we can work on those this week.

After a long talk with Lou I realized that I am not really ready for a 6 hour car ride to Cleveland when Omi gets here in two weeks. I'm doing well, but that is really pushing it. Instead, we will do the touristy kinds of things that involve sitting on metro and places that have opportunities for me to sit down when I need to. It's probably a better idea than 12 hours in the car on four days....

I have planned the apron for the garden apron swap-I know I'm late but that's okay-and it will be really cool. I'm doing a variation of an entertaining apron of my mom's. Rather than dotted swiss, I'm using a patterned sheer voile-like material for the top layer (one of my vintage finds) and a bright flower print for the bottom layer. The waistband will be the sheer over the print, and the ties the sheer alone. Little pockets, I haven't decided yet on one or two, will be in the print, probably with some lace edging and some really cute pink beading-just an idea that I want to try. If it looks goofy than I'll take it off. I'm trying to decide whether to make matching printed coasters. The thing I love about these swaps is creating a package I would want--and there are just so many cool things out there to play with! the kids are wondering if I'm ever going to get the aprons up and running for sale--eventually. Right now I'm experimenting with patterns and ideas. I want to send some of the gourd seeds for the really cool ones that you can make native american shakers out of; but we only saw them at Bruce's Variety and we haven't been there since before my surgery. Hopefully, after the doctor's appt tomorrow we can see if they still have any. We had so much fun making those shakers at Girl Scout camp, and Lou's made a couple of bird houses out of them for the magnolia tree which are in use this spring.

and last but not least, we have a "regular" who shows up at the hummingbird feeder who is clearly identifiable by a white band around his neck. We've named him Eric, which shouldn't be any surprise to anyone in the family......

Good night and G-d bless.

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