Saturday, May 30, 2009

Public outing

We've recently returned from dinner at Jack's, Lilli's fiance, house. A real family affair-his parents, brother and his family, all of us, and two dogs. Jack definitely lets his niece and nephew abuse him, but he obviously stops it when he's had enough of being the jumping target. Two kids with lots of energy, making the dogs a little crazy, too. Pepper is a minature and likes things quiet, Kali is a standard schnauzer and likes to play...

I did pretty well, made it through the meal at the table, but had to move back to the couch because the chair was a little difficult to sit in for that long. I wore my new top from Omi and Jude with some shorts because the pants are too big, and everyone said I looked good. I'm not sure they would tell me the truth anyway. I have been 36 hours without pain meds and I am feeling good. I did laundry today and some mending on the sewing machine, so it will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow. I also drove up to the CVS and gas station with Lou in the car and did really well-no pain or white knuckling it. Lou keeps reminding me, "baby steps, baby steps" and I keep trying to take them. My sides are still pretty sore where the drains were, but every day the discomfort gets a little less. I still have trouble sleeping on my back, but I think I have figured out a pillow support system so I can sleep on my side the way I usually do.

Monday we see the general surgeon, I'm not sure why, but he wanted me to come in. Next will be the oncologist after she gets the tests results back from the lab in San Francisco, then the next week we see the plastic surgeon for information on the "fine tuning" as he puts it. I haven't found any information on whether that's going to involve more in hospital surgery, I hope it can be done out patient, but we'll see what he says. I have asked to extend my FMLA leave through the week we see the plastic surgeon until we know what the next steps are.

Well, Lou and I are off to watch Bella Lagosa and Boris Karloff, have a good night all.

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