Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mrs. Doubtfire

Well, I am doing it again. I sent off an apron swap package, checked the delivery confirmation and it was delivered last Saturday, and I haven't heard from the recipient so I feel like what I sent didn't come up to snuff. It's a package I would have liked (pictured a few posts back) but I guess I missed the mark on this one, too. I am angeling another person, that package is almost done, and I have entered the I Love Lucy swap. If I get the same type of lukewarm or non-existent responses, I will probably not join another. Oh, where does this self-doubt come from?

On the flip side, the surgeon's appointment went very well yesterday! My final surgery will be in a month; I'm waiting for the office to call with the date so I can make arrangements to go back to work, take off for that surgery, etc. I am getting my life back: I can stop wearing sports bras.....


  1. I'm ashamed to admit that when I signed up for the I Love Lucy swap I thought about requesting you as a partner so that I'd get someone who loved their package! My busy bee swap partner got her apron on May 22 and I didn't hear from her for three weeks. I'm glad that we know how much effort we go to and respond in kind when we receive our packages!

    BTW--have you received you garden swap package yet? Still waiting on mine! The one you made is awesome though! Great package!

  2. Mom,
    I know I am just a *little* biased, but taking as unbiased an opinion as possible on your work is easy. Your aprons and the time and effort you put into them are beautiful and amazing. Don't let these losers get you down!

    I don't know how your swaps are moderated, but I would recommend letting the person in charge know what's going on because that is totally unacceptable! This isn't fair to you and these people CERTAINLY do not deserve aprons and packages that you worked hard on and put thought and love into. I am appalled this kind of crap goes on. Also, maybe in the next two swaps, you can put a little "p.s. please respond so I know you got the package" in the note (even if you get delivery confirmation). This is just not right, not right at all. If these people have such busy lives, the least they could do is send a quick note saying, "got the package, will respond later"... for realz.