Sunday, June 21, 2009

Double Duty Day

Today is double duty: Father's Day and Lillian's 24th birthday. We've sent her presents and email cards, and she'll be over at Linda's today for brunch, but it's not the same as being together--sorry, baby.

When the Atlas roared into space Thursday, we got an added bonus. Lillian was one of the scientists interviewed by Fox News about the launch. (just a little kvell: I don't know how long the link will be active, but it's great to see that she's articulate and excited about what she's doing.

Red is getting stressed about the GMAT but we're trying to keep it in perspective, wish us luck.

Happy Father's Day, Lou, you deserve to still be sleeping at almost 11 AM since we had such a disrupted night. Eventually I will find a comfortable position and not send you out of the room with all my twisting, turning and groaning.

Rain (again) and hopefully some sunshine today. I'm starting to feel scaly. I'll probably do laundry and finish up my angeling project, I think I'm pretty set on coasters because the ones Omi made are so cute.

I entered another online contest at for a really cute bib apron. I am so enjoying the different things people are doing; the creativity is fantastic.

The sun is finally out and I think I'll go enjoy it for a while before the next storm moves in. According to Friday's Washington Post we have had twice the monthly level of rain for June already.....yuck...

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  1. Mom, we need to figure out some html coding for your blog so the links are active and so we can make it pretty.

    Also, we did not get to plan Halloween, so we should do that soon. I think we should definitely plan Cyberman but recognize that will take loads of work and instead maybe plan on dalek or clockwork android (which I think would be AWESOME). anyway, talk toy ou soon (duh). <3