Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aprons, everywhere!!!

There is a great apron giveaway going on over at http://aprongoddesses.blogspot.com/2009/06/sugar-pie-chick-giveaway.html
highlighting some very cute convertible aprons. Just go look, don't enter (kidding.... maybe).

I have now worked two days in a row and survived, though I am really tired. I have tried to be very careful about how far I push myself, and I think I'm doing okay.

Sarah was just taking pictures for her facebook, I think, but she sure looks cute from work today. When did she grow up?

I'm going to try and make coasters tonight, hopefully they will look cute. I may even try the oven mitt pattern, though I think it's a little dorky.

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  1. Oven mitts might be dorky--but everyone uses them! Amanda Jean just posted about the retreat on her blog--I'm so excited! You and Lou should come--he can have all the meals with us and quilt too if he wants!!!