Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Green Monster

I am ashamed to admit it: I am jealous of all the young SAHMs whose blogs I have been visiting because they understand how to use this computer stuff so well. Really cool pictures, really cool comments, lots of pretty wallpaper, etc. Well, I guess I will break down soon and call Tara and ask (maybe plead?) for help on how to spruce stuff up.

I saw a darling 4th of July apron giveaway on the apron goddesses' blog-go visit and sign up for it! Again, I just love everything people are doing with aprons....too many ideas, too little time!

Tomorrow I will sew on some UFOs that I haven't been able to sit and deal with since the surgery, but I think I'll be able to manage some time now. Swelling in the tummy area has really gone down with the ibuprofen regime, so sitting in a regular chair isn't so bad anymore.

We have lots of green tomatoes out on the deck, and I really hope the birds leave them for us. The gourd seeds have also sprouted and the vines are starting to grow up the bushes in the front of the house and over the pussy willow next to the deck. Louis is definitely inventive about using our sparse sunshine.....

I miss Omi, but I know she was ready to go back to her life rather than visit mine. We will see each other in Cleveland in August, and I for one am not going to be the one to trample on her "happy". I'm too busy finding my own.

Life is good. I'm ready to be back in it.


  1. I can't wait to check out that apron swap--I wanted to sign up for the I love Lucy one, but really didn't want and I love lucy apron, so I refrained! BUT I am done with all of my swaps now, so need another!

    Thanks you so much for the gourd seeds! I've planted every inch of available space, so gave them to my mom to plant(she has acres!). Tade will still enjoy them growing and especially enjoy painting them next year with his cousins!

    Call me ANYTIME! Check out "the coolest blog on the block" They walk you through how to upload the html code for some fun ones--that's what I use.

    Also, novice quilter and experiences seamstresses are MORE than welcome at the retreat!!!! Does Omi sew? You could meet her here! Or Sarah! OR Lil!

    Can you post a picture of your entire family? I'd love to put a name w/ their faces!

    Bread some of those green tomatoes in cornmeal and fry them!!! YUM! Hello to Lou! And Sarah!

  2. Sorry for all the misspellings! I rushed and didn't proofread!

  3. Tara,
    Reading your comment made me laugh a little mainly because Mom has NO IDEA (mostly) of what html code is (but she is definitely learning a little!!)... so in some of my "free" time I will look at the reference you gave so I can try to help her. I am pretty crappy with html myself, but I am learning (although, honestly, my LiveJournal looks so lame compared to my friends'!!).

    Do you have a LiveJournal (or DreamWidth) or just blogspot?