Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three more perfect words

As I told my family and friends, I thought "cancer free" would be the two most important words I would ever want to hear. I have three more: VERY LOW RISK. These are the words the assistant from the oncologist office said were on the report from the lab from San Francisco, as in "very low risk of recurrence". I can say a tremendous weight has lifted from my spirit, and I am definitely ready to move on and get back to my life.

That may take a while-I still have absolutely no stamina. It took me an hour and a half to organize the secretary and pay three bills. Then I had to go take a nap for 2 hours. Hopefully this will stop soon and I'll feel like a regular person again. I have all these wonderful WIPs (works in progress) and UFOs (unfinished objects) that I want to work with. I did get out for a few errands yesterday and found these wonderful sunglasses as part of the garden party swap package-they are flamingos--I mean, how can you have a garden party without flamingos? Sarah's response is that only I would have a garden party with them; I'm hoping she is wrong.....

I really wanted to get gourd seeds to send too, but I bought the wrong kind and haven't been able to find the right ones anywhere. The gourds are so much fun to grow, they spread everywhere, and then if you let them dry out you can paint them and use them as shaker noisemakers. We learned about them at Girl Scout camp years ago. they make great bird houses, too, but I may already have talked about this-I can't remember and don't want to go back and check my other posts.

So, I've gotten nothing done on the quilt challenge for the nine patch; but I may be able to catch up with the easy method if I ever get to sit down long enough at the sewing machine. I haven't made anything for May for the "I count too" challenge, but I'm not that concerned about that.

Hopefully, tomorrow can be a sewing day-wouldn't that be wonderful?

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