Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Days are Back!

Wow, it's only Monday and I'm tired! Yesterday we went to the national Gallery and saw an exhibit of Luis Melendez, considered the premier Spanish still life painter. The works were magnificent, it was hard to believe they were from the 1700s. His use of color, light and detail was amazing. Next we met Lou's dad for dinner in Dupont Circle and had a really good meal. Since it was our anniversary, we splurged and had dessert, ummmmmmm creme brulee!

Today is the first time in 7 weeks I worked a full day. It was nice to have everyone coming up and welcoming me back, and Siane, my supervisor, made sure I did not overdue things. Thankfully this is a somewhat slow time of the year, so there wasn't a lot of stuff backing up.

If you are interested in quilting, please "hop" over to and read about the fantastic weekend Tara and Amanda Jean have planned. I'll be checking the calendar and the plane flights to figure out if there is any way I can go. Improvisational quilting sounds just like something I could get into.....

I promised myself that my angeling project would be finished by month end, and I'm still hoping to make that deadline tomorrow but since the laundry water overflow it's so soggy and smelly downstairs I don't know if I could really spend time sewing right now. I think this was really the last straw and that we will have to pull that disgusting carpet up now. yuck.

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