Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden Partying

Today I feel almost normal! Yesterday's report from the oncologist was great-for all intents and purposes she's very happy-and I'll see her again in 6 weeks.

But, what really makes me feel good is that I finished a WIP (work in progress) today. Before I had surgery, I signed up for a garden theme swap thinking I'd have it done before the surgery. Partners weren't assigned until after my surgery date, and it took awhile to get my act together to get my project done once I got home. My partner has a gardening apron
, so I made her a garden party apron! It's a double layer half apron, the bottom is a happy floral print covered by a sheer embossed (circa 60s) piece from a tablecloth I found on my vintage fabric wanderings. The pocket has a gold braid necklace with a sparkly drop. I'm pretty sure she has a deck, so I thought an ice cream party with berries from the garden would be perfect-I do hope she grows berries! My package includes 4 ice cream sundae dishes and an ice cream scoop. The best part, I think, are the flamingo sunglasses I found for her in case it's too bright outside. I sure wouldn't mind getting it. You can click on the image to see the detail....I'm not sure how to enlarge it yet.

Tomorrow I will start an angeling project. In an earlier swap, some people bailed on their responsibility to make the package-hard to believe of the crafting community, but things do happen. I offered to angel a person who never received her package. The theme was dream vacations. It was the perfect excuse, I mean reason, to check out the grand opening sale at G St Fabrics at their new location while Omi was here. We found some great stuff-I got a very soft impressionist type print, a bright Van Gogh/Toulouse Lautrec type of print, and a wonderful dreidel print. Aprons, here we come. Though my person's dream vacation included Italy, I spaced and only focused on the Paris part. So, in addition to the artist prints, I got this cute "travel to Paris" quilting print that will become oven mitts or coasters, I haven't decided which yet. Maybe I'll send an Italian cookbook to cover that part of the trip.....but, the important thing is that I'm sewing again, and enjoying it.

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