Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunny Saturday

We are having a really lazy day around here today. Yesterday Sarah scored over 600 on the GMAT and is happy with her score, so we had a celebratory dinner with Sara B last night at an Indian restaurant then came home and watched Elizabeth. Going to bed so late made everyone lazy.

Lou and I managed to stabilize the ceiling fan in Lill's room so it doesn't make much noise. I also managed to overflow the laundry sink so once again we are trying to dry out the carpet is truly sad. I think we really need to rip it up and put tile down. Area rugs would be easier to clean when the tub overflows, and I think as long as we have the amount of dog hair we have generated by LuLu and Violet, that sucker will overflow.

Popcorn and a movie tonight-oh yeah...

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