Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I SAW it

In keeping with her promise to Lill, Omi got me out walking yesterday. We metroed to Arlington and watched the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldiers, then watched a wreath placement ceremony. We walked over to JFK's memorial, but I didn't walk up the final hill. We stopped when we needed to, drank when we needed to. Since it was early and I didn't want to disturb Sarah, we stopped at the Smithsonian to have a quick look-see. We saw the finalized display of Old Glory-the flag that inspired the national anthem. But the BEST: we saw Julia Child's kitchen!! It is amazing, and the exhibit is so cool because they have a video running of her cooking shows, interviews, etc and they are a sight to see. It's almost as good as Lincoln's hat or Dorothy's ruby slippers. It was great. My pictures came out crappy because I didn't know how to turn the flash off and it reflected against the windows; but Omi got some great pictures that she will share once she downloads them to her computer.

I joined another apron swap....need I say more?

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