Saturday, May 2, 2009

5/2/09 part 2

I wasn't going to tell, but I wanted to put up the picture. It was like Twilight Zone-I googled cowboy boot baby booties, found a link, ran into the other room with the laptop to print out the pattern, then came back to the living room. Lou said, "Did you bookmark the page?" and of course I said "Oops, no," and went back to the link and it said: "Sorry but that site is closed down" and I could not get the pattern again-but at least I have a copy. Are these the cutest you've ever seen? Lill got a pair when she was a baby (in brown and gold), and since Tara's brother and wife are expecting a daughter, and they live in Colorado, I thought cowgirl boots totally appropriate. they'll go out in the mail Monday. From the information I could find on the google search, the pattern is from an Annie's Attic booklet from 1980. People are selling them on eBay for anywhere from $12 to $40, but they're not sharing the pattern.....


  1. Oh my goodness, could you be sweeter? They are adorable! I'm so lucky to have "met" you! The shower went great, but of course now I'm exhausted! Thank goodness tomorrow's Sunday! Enjoy yours!

  2. I'm wathcing the rain fall, and already thinking about getting back in bed...

  3. Those are TOO SWEET!!

    I'm so glad you joined our garden apron swap!