Saturday, May 2, 2009

What can I say?

Leslie's reversible apron: kitchen and Shabbat sides

Omi's prototype

It seems that having a fabric stash makes it so easy to procrastinate. I should have worked on the bedroom and the blue room today. Instead, I worked out a prototype for a gathering apron for the swap on Busy Bee. Though the tutorial is a great idea, I don't like a long apron for working in the yard. I would trip myself and all kinds of things. So, taking inspiration from Mary Mulari's clothespin apron, I fashioned a gathering apron for my sister-in-law to test out, even though I have already found some things I would change if I make it again. Anyway, it's a bib style with a center pocket on the bib for a phone (Lou's idea- I don't think he realizes most people aren't umbilically connected to their children by phone the way we are....) and then a front overlay with inverted pleats to allow for expansion as food is gathered. I will send it to Omi and have her try it and see what her recommendations are. I would probably top stitch the pleat edges on the next one, maybe lower the sides of the top so there is a bigger area to reach in, and definitely make the neck strap adjustable. The prototype isn't because I couldn't find any D rings. I know they are somewhere in the laundry area stuff, but I couldn't find them.... this used another of my vintage pieces, a floral curtain, and the bias trim is covering fade marks where a fold was, but I think it's still pretty cute. sorry it's not purple, Om, but ya gotta go with what's around.

these are the pictures of Leslie's reversible apron I talked about at the beginning of the week. Pretty cute, I'd say, but then I have a vested interest.......

I think I will open another post to put up the picture of the cowgirl boots because I don't want to push my luck.


  1. Three pictures in one post! What do you need me for? I love both aprons and would love to hear what Omi thinks. I agree about the long apron in the garden, but I do love the way it looks tied up!