Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back in the world

As of 7 PM last night, I am officially back among the cancer free population of the world. As mentioned earlier, I am Plus 1. Some of you are on the family list and will have had this information previously, please allow me to write my thoughts, here, too.

Tuesday started off well enough with a shot in Nuclear medicine, and the third armband after my intake information band and my allergy band. I was taken back to pre-op where we waited around for the doctors to pop in and talk to us, and for Dr. Singh to draw his lines. When they took me down to the OR, the staff was asking if I knew why I was there as they prepared the injection. I think I told them everything, but I may have said nothing. The next thing I remember is getting a kiss from Lou and Lill and being in pain, which drifted away very quickly with the help of some amazing drugs. G-d was definitely listening to everyone's prayers as I spent the rest of the night in recovery as the only patient; and as things got busy there I was moved out to the post op floor.

The latest research being done (but no one ever mentioned by whom) favors private rooms with space for a foldout loveseat should family choose to stay overnight. the call system was something more interesting: hit the button, the floor secretary asks what you want, gets someone to help you, usually within an hour, then it starts all over again. I progressed very well according to all the docs and other folks who came to visit; like the oncology outreach person, the oncology nutritionist, the pastoral volunteer, the physical therapist, not to mention the comings and goings of the administrative technicians, housekeeping staff, and food service. I think my favorite part was the compression wraps they put around your calves; mine would have helped so much better if the tech had remembered to turn the machine on.....

I was finally allowed home on Saturday, and it's been good to be in my own bed and recliner-well, Louie's recliner. I am still having trouble sitting at the table for longer than a 15-20 min spell; and that pisses me off because I'd like to be sewing! Hopefully, another few days. lou and Lill have been absolutely amazing through all this: bringing me food, drugs, changing pillows, draining tubes, etc...and not even complaining about it. I will go on record though, and say this is probably NOT the method of choice for a tummy tuck. it's nice having, but it was an incredibly long surgery and a longer few days of drifting in and out of reality. which is what seems to be happening now, so I need to stop and will continue tomorrow....


  1. Do the best you can and remember how much you are loved.

    Sending you energizing thoughts.

    Kathy in FL

  2. thanks so much-they are appreciated!