Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, 2009

This is the first time in many years I have not put the flag out for Memorial Day in my father's memory, I am sure he would understand and I know the veterans who care for the cemetery have put a flag on his grave. I feel his spirit has remained with me and that he is proud of most of the decisions I've made in my life.

Every day I feel a little stronger and have to be careful not to over-extend myself. Who would have figured that opening and closing the car door a few times in one afternoon would tire me out and leave my armpits aching? But, just like Elmo on Sesame Street many years ago, I got new shoes and have been very happy to take short walks in them rather than have someone carry me around so the bottoms don't get marked. Each dirt mark means I am out moving, gaining back my strength and flexibility. Simple things, like a shower, are major accomplishments though they seem to take forever.

My cousin Arline's daughter Jamie is expecting a second child in August. Before I went into the hospital, I decided to make a pair of the cowboy booties since she knows she's having a boy. i got one finished, but not the second. Last night I crocheted the second bootie. It was a major accomplishment on a number of levels: I was able to sit in the recliner for the few hours it took, I was able to follow the directions without losing my place and I was able to crochet-that fine motor skill lacking last week when I tried to write is back. Unfortunately, my tension is off and the second bootie looks a little bigger to me than the first. So, options: do I just say it's my over critical eye noticing the difference and not worry about it? (that's the girls' vote) or do I make another one and see if the tension is the same as the original or that maybe, for now, my tension is off and will produce a larger stitch? Odd predicament for me-I don't usually do the kind of work where tension/gauge matter. I think I may give it a few days' rest then decide.

We have just had a major rainstorm roll through, thnder, lightening, and rain-lots of it. the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees and it's incredibly comfortable at the moment. Of course, we have this obsessive/compulsive robin who is out in the birdbath shaking up an avalanche of water, while it rains buckets down around him...weird bird.

I have started planning the apron for the garden apron swap for my partner, and the organizers know I may miss the deadline because of this little adventure I've been going through. I'm excited, because her comments have given me pretty much an open palette--she'll take a party apron, a agathering apron, anything that's appealing to me. I already know some of the add-ins I want to send with it, so I'm really psyched.

Louie is calling for us to come for dinner, and since it's deli, I'm on my way!!!

Our neighbors Bonnie and Elizabeth came over earlier and brought lasagna and brownies. That was really nice of them, and will stay in the fridge tonight since Lou and Lill and Jack went out to Shalom Market and bought deli. I'm ready for that, I hope my system is!

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