Saturday, May 9, 2009

Come Saturday Morning....

Some of you may remember today's title as the words that start a wonderful song about spending time with a friend. It's from a 70s era movie starring Liza Minelli called "the Sterile Cuckoo". The movie had a lot of poignant moments for me, especially about being away at college and missing my friends; I remember sitting on the dorm hallway floor crying on the phone for an hour to Louie, who "comfortingly" said: "Well, stay for a quarter, if you don't like it you can always go home and go to Cleveland State." But, the important part of the song is about spending time with people who are special and that you will have the memories of the day. I am so lucky to have people surrounding me who I want to spend time with and who make wonderful memories to have. Two who come to mind are my sisters-in-law who have always, from the time we were kids together (well, that's kind of stretching it for Jude because she was really ya, sweeta), treated me as a blood sister, not just one of their brother's friends. The first thing Omi (Naomi for anyone who could possibly not know that is the nickname Lill gave her as a toddler) asked was should she come in for this little adventure, and Jude keeps sending me love and hugs text messages at the weirdest times, just another reminder that I am in her thoughts. I am so happy to have them in my life!

So many other friends have offered to fly in from the west coast-the airlines should be happy! I've asked them to wait, we really need to see how "laid up" I'm going to end up. Lou told me yesterday that about 150 people from his various committees and associates at work are pulling for me, too. Just as long as they don't send flowers, I'll be fine. He has suggested they send fruit since I'll probably wind up constipated from the pain meds-gotta love that man, always thinking ahead.

The only real adventure late this week was the discussion Thursday with the pre-op people at the hospital. They had me registered for the bi-lateral mastectomy, but only for reconstruction on the right side. Suffice it to say that after 3 hours back and forth on the phone, this Bionic Woman will be rebuilt on both sides. In the continuing tattoo vein, Lill thinks I should have Plus 1 tattooed on. I just might, because I am firmly believing I will be survivor 11 million Plus 1.

As the sun is shining and it's supposed to rain this afternoon, I am taking the words of the weatherman to heart: "this morning might be your only window of opportunity to cut the grass that's grown about 2 feet in the last 5 days... so get out there and do it." So, I'm getting out there and doing it-see ya later.

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