Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Countdown Starts

In less than a week I will be cancer free. I have decided to be Plus 1. While I was watching TV over the weekend, the American Cancer Society had a commercial on about being the official sponsor of birthdays, and that there are 11 million cancer survivors. I am going to be number 11 million Plus 1. We have seen both doctors this week, and I've had my pre-op physical. Friday I will have my chest x-ray and then be good to go. I am trying to remain optimistic even though it sounds like this will be a little more intense than was originally described. I talked to a co-worker who has just gone through the same thing, though she had implants, and she came back after 3 1/2 weeks to an abbreviated schedule which was still alot for her to manage. Her advice was to not rush because my surgery will be more intense. i will take her advice.

Gadha loved the aprons I made for her and her daughter, and her little one put it on and danced around last night. Hopefully I will get a picture of the two together in their "mommy and me" styles. I will post pictures when I download the camera.

I am training a nice young guy to take my place while I'm on leave. He graduated UMD in December in Economics and is looking for a full time job; but at least this will bring in some money for him. He will be working my 3 day schedule and will definitely be a help to Siane. My supervisor is one of the greatest people around; she and some of the other girls are taking me out to lunch tomorrow as a get-well send off.

The roseola (Lillian) will be home tomorrow. Jack has decided to pick her up from BWI; okay-so am I a bad mom because I'm not upset that I don't have to drive up to BWI in what will probably be rainy weather and miss the season finale of Grey's Anatomy? Probably the Grey's Anatomy throws it into bad mom territory...

Sarah's paper is fantastic. She sent a copy of the final paper to us, her sister and her grandfather. Oh course she had to give him crap and ask if it was enough "Brown-speak" for him; I don't understand how she's the only one who can get away with saying stuff like that to him.

I'm starting to yawn, so I'm going to bed. good night, all.....

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  1. congrats on becoming cancer free!
    have fun watching grey's anatomy! you're so not a bad mom!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!