Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rain, rain-it went away

Well, it really didn't go away, and we've gotten over 3 inches since it started last night, but the sunshine came through this afternoon with the mail delivery. I think I mentioned I entered another swap because I had so much fun with the first one, and because Tara has become such a good email friend. Today, after a nap I took because I was being nasty to everyone for no real reason except that I feel like crap, the mail was on the table. Two packages were here, one from Eugene which I expected, with wonderful notes from Levi who felt his lego birthday gift was "a sum" (awesome) and a beautiful sun catcher for the picture window.

The second was the garden party swap package. My partner, Lauren from LA, made me a darling half apron perfect for entertaining on the deck. She claims to be a beginning seamstress, but this little number was fully lined, had pleats and a scalloped bottom, so she may be selling herself short. She included homemade jam from local produce, a book on barbeque and a set of really cute coasters to use on the deck. We may actually feel like a touch of CA living here in MD. Here's a picture of the apron, I'm not exactly in photogenic mode at the moment....(Tara, aren't you proud of me? not only is this picture in the blog, but in the right space!)

Well, I'm going downstairs to direct KS into organizing stuff out of the way for Saskia's stuff to be stored later this afternoon, I feel almost back in the real world and will write more later.

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  1. I love your apron! I'm in Illinois visiting the in-laws, so just popped in to check updates! Will be home on Sunday and send an e-mail to catch up! I am very proud of the picture!