Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1

I have never really considered May 1 a special day, but this year is changing that! The mail lady just came through and I got two special presents from two special people! My cousin Karyn, who has a decidedly different sense of humor, sent me a teddy bear for comfort. This is not your ordinary talking bear; this is a Swear Bear. When you press his tummy, he says something nasty with lots of four and more letter words.....Omi and Jeff will love this when they see it.

Then, the second package was from Tara, in CO. She sent me a wonderful survivor kit: Lindt chocolate truffles (everyone's basic survival food) and a kit to crochet a cashmere scarf. She figured I would need something to work on during recuperation and this looks fun and beautiful, not to mention soft. Funny it came today-I just got back from a run to Safeway and Inez's (Stitchery) where I got the supplies for something I will surprise her with.....don't try to make me tell-I won't.

The rain that never came yesterday has been pouring down all day today and would be very depressing if it wasn't such a warm spring rain. And if the oil change hadn't been free this morning on Miss Lucy because they forgot to use the coupon last time. Oh, and if the the steering gear recall Bob mentioned at first would have applied to to my car and I would have had to bring it back for an all-day appointment. But, since I'm 3-0 on great things, I can't be pissed about the rain. And (4) I won't be going out later because Angie just called and has to reschedule dinner tonight-she's not feeling well and going home early. So, Lou and I will eat those wonderful little shrimpies and french bread and then watch a film noir we recorded a few weeks ago and haven't watched yet.

There's nothing on board for the weekend except on and off rain, so I will probably get the rooms straightened up that I haven't worked on yet. Doesn't that sound like fun? yuch.

Looks like naptime, I think I'll take one.

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  1. So glad you got your package! I don't mind that you haven't called for a tutorial yet, I just want to see more pictures! Have a great and dry weekend!