Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is there a "clock that always says 12:30"? (12/30/09)

I was avoiding a year-end post because this year has been so crappy for us: my cancer, Lou's circulation problems, the ongoing issue of aging parents, and yesterday, the putting down of our beloved, LuLu. We had her for 16 years, and though Lillian was her "girl", she was still my dog, too. It was a tough day for all of us, especially as Lou is in Cleveland, and the vet couldn't come to the house, we had to take her in. But, she was ready, it was in her eyes. I kind of think she was just holding on until Lilli came in from AZ for break, and that's okay, too. I posted a comment on the quilting blog that I may be out of touch dealing with this, and the comments back from "the girls' were so uplifting I could feel the support from all over the country.

And then I glanced at Shawnee's latest theme for a flirty apron swap, and I realized I had lied to my children when I said I was staying out of swaps for a while. The theme is "Martini Madness"-what fun for the new year! So, of course I registered, and will get my quilt blocks sewn and out in the mail so I can play with ideas for this one. I guess when I made my hair stylist a satin and organza apron for the holidays, I was just getting some practice-huh?


  1. so does this little white lie mean I get a proto-type? (if you answer "no" then I won't let you watch Doctor Who.... mwahahahhaahahahah ... just kidding).

  2. I understand how hard it is to put down your pet. I still cry when I think about my Shmo cat we had to put to sleep a few months ago. I hope your heart heals.

    I think an apron swap may be the right thing right now anyway. :)