Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I need some Geritol

I am so tired right now I need some Geritol. It will be interesting to see if anyone even knows/remembers what Geritol is or if they still make it.

I hate not being able to find things in my house. It is happening a lot lately. It is scary.

On a brighter note, plans are zooming along for the upcoming visit to Cleveland. I have a blueberry pie on hold at Giant that I will pick up after work. The meals planned so far are lobster and steak for the anniversary dinner, salmon patties and spaghetti and meatballs for the other nights. We'll have salad, fresh warmed bread, applesauce, and all the other goodies that go along with those meals. I bought them a "tower of chocolate" collection from Harry and David for a little present, and they will enjoy opening all the different boxes of stuff.

I'm going to bed now, nighty night.


  1. www.geritol.com

    there is even a coupon on the front page!

    and I am tired too...but I am 99.9999999% done with my lab (just need to check one thing tomorrow morning)...

  2. So home many years??? And I am young and in my 20's but I know what Geritol is, but only from hearing my elders talk about it.