Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween, received and on its way

So, you saw it o
n the mannequin, now you see it on the girl-child! I'm not sure how she took this picture of herself, but you get the gist of how the outfit looks. Best part-there may be a party from some folks in her department who are Dr. Who fans, and they will know immediately what she is. Life is good!

lou and I had a great time in Providence over the weekend with our Redhead. It was butt-cold, but we survived! Here is KS at the game, Brown beat Princeton, and her grandfather saw her on national television.... can you tell it is cold? and the only thing I cut off was the top of her hat, but she sure looks cute, huh? And we ate lots of really good sushi with the kids.

Then, I finally got the Halloween spook and rattle swap apron package for Val finished and packed up for mailing tomorrow. I had to put it aside to get Lill's costume done, but she understood because the same thing has happened to her. So, I'll send it out priority tomorrow and she'll have it before Halloween. She did say she likes a party, so that's what she is getting. The picture is kind of screwed up colorwise-the satin is purple and the overlays are sheer black with embossed spiderwebs and spiders, and multicolored sequins. Val didn't want the standard orange and black-already has it in her Halloween wardrobe. Then, I got her a black tablecloth, a ceiling spider hang-down like the one I use on the front porch, a centerpiece for her table, a swag to put around her door, and two sweet little tealight holders with purple insides. There are a few spiderwebs to spread in purple and black-going with the color scheme here-and I threw in some jelly beans to enjoy while she's planning her party. I hope she takes a picture with the apron on because it's so cute--three layers of swirls. I like this pattern a lot and will probably use it more often, with various treatments.

While we were up north, Saskia came and got the rest of her stuff from the yellow room. This weekend I hope to rearrange the furniture in the room so we can bring in the bargain oak table we got, and have a good surface for my cutting board. Then, I plan on sewing!! lots and lots of sewing, though right now I'm working on a knitted baby blanket for the latest addition on the Neufeld side, William Fletcher Matthews, known as Will. he will probably get the blanket before the sweater is done, and with any luck I will finish the blanket for Lily (big sis who has her sweater) before she graduates from high school......she is about 18 months now, so I have a fighting chance.

We have had a few spectacular fall afternoons, perfect top down weather, which I took advantage of. We also scored some seeds and cuttings from Japanese maples in the neighborhood, and hopefully over the course of the winter, with his new growlight arrangement, Lou will get some started to bonzai. It should be fun, and that's an important part of everything, right?

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  1. My but you've been busy! And now you've got a pay it forward too! Crazy woman! Looking forward to sending your package! The wheels are turning in my head!