Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween is on it's way West-don't look Lill!

After a few days of nonstop, drop everything else sewing, I have finished Lilli's Halloween costume. It is packed and ready to mail tomorrow. Here is the picture. It's actually pretty ingenious as the top and outer skirt are one piece, and the lavender is a pull-on underskirt with a crinoline slip attached at the waist. Usually I take pictures of the girls in their costumes in front of the fireplace by the french doors, but since Lill isn't here, it had to be on Dolly the dressform.

Unfortunately, because we are going to Providence on Thursday I won't be able to get Val's apron finished and into the mail on Saturday. I will have it out on Tuesday, but I hate getting my timing jammed like this; having company is wonderful but it can mess with your schedule (enough said).

Other news of the day, I have two orders for holiday aprons. I will be meeting with the client (does that sound cool or what?) next week to find out what she wants. I emailed some pictures of my work, and she liked it. I'm jazzed!

I've cut the next quilt blocks out in larger squares, and will start round 2 next week when we're back from Providence. Of course, the Redhead realized last Saturday that Halloween is only 3 weeks away, and she's not sure what costume she wants to wear this year. I sent her a bunch of pattern numbers to look at and maybe she'll find something she likes, if not, she's going to have to wing it.

NEWS FLASH: We met with the plastic surgeon today and he is completely satisfied with my progress and doesn't want to see me until NEXT YEAR! we are celebrating! LIfe is good. A nod to my friend Corey at work who ran as part of a team in a marathon to raise funds for breast cancer-and he wore my name on his number. I am really blessed in the family and friends dept. So, now that I have my life back, we probably won't be having many discussions about my journey. The last leg is the tattooing, and I'm still not sure I want to do; it's bad enough I can't give blood for 2 years because of the surgery, I don't want to mess it up by having a tat. I'll have to call NIH and ask about it.

Last Thursday was my guild meeting, and the program was on beading. This is a craft I have never delved into deeply, and I can tell that is about to change. Judy Shapiro, a local artist, was the presenter, and I am hooked. We are doing these really cool pomegranate pins. She does some amazing jewelry. I like to think I have some skill, but these women I'm meeting are amazing.


  1. That's very pretty! A little too lacey for me though. Good work!

  2. Oh, beading--you are entering some dangerous territory! Lill's costume looks great! Have her take a picture in it so we can see!