Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tiles down, swap to go

Here is the picture of my italian tile blocks for Shelly, the second of our online quilting bee group. This is the "third time's a charm" for me; I had to do them 3 times before they came out close enough to "right" for me to send along. It's the most involved block I've done to date, and sewing on the bias in a quilt block is not something I have mastered yet. Tara suggested starching the material before sewing, and I did read about that after I'd done the blocks. But, I think they are okay.

Tomorrow I plan on getting the laundry caught up and sewing my passionately pink breast cancer awareness month swap apron. My partner wants something full and functional, and I've decided to make a reversible bib apron with pockets along the bottom edge-very functional I think. I've got a few add-ins related to awareness, and then it'll be off into the mail.

After this, I think I'll "retire" from the swap trade for a while and work on holiday gifts for family and friends. I'll be doing a lot of aprons and coasters, maybe mitts, and hopefully the little microwave mitts kathleen was talking about. I've made some good progress on Will's blanket, and I'm waiting for color confirmation from Kathleen to start on Johnny's quilt.

Tonight, a nice steak dinner and then baseball. My life is so good.....


  1. MMMM, steak dinner. Sounds like life is good!

  2. Mom, I forgot to tell you that they have the mitt protection stuff whatever it's called at the JoAnn's I found in Scottsdale so I can buy more if you need it.