Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WIPs and UFOs

So, now that we are done with Halloween, I'm thinking it may be time to face the STACKS: all those works-in-progress and unfinished objects stacked around the dining room and sewing table in the blue room (just like the White House, we have a Blue Room, but it begs the question: do they have a Yellow Room like we do?).

And now I have incentive...Lou just let me know he will be doing a prospective student interview here at the house on Sunday. And I honestly thought I had until the week before Thanksgiving before I thought about cleaning and moving WIPs and UFOs. Well, I'll just rearrange my thoughts and start organizing earlier than expected.

I wanted to create a master list of things needing finishing, but then realized that the list is probably so LONG that I'd get discouraged and not pick up anything. I did make a list of about 8 items that are recently started and need finishing; I know I have tons more, but they're not needed in the near future.

I'm feeling really good right now and fairly strong, so I want to take advantage of these feelings and move ahead on the things I want to do rather than the things I have had to do. It's almost like the whole cancer adventure happened to a different me, except that I see the scars everyday when I look at my body. I am strong, I am healing, I am Plus 1.


  1. Do it one step at a time
    Don't panick
    Baby steps
    You can do a lot in 15 minutes
    That's what FLY Lady taught me and it's helping me everyday not to be overwhelmed
    Hope it will help you too.
    Take care

  2. thanks, sounds like a great philosophy!