Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moving Right Along

Every time I think I'm going to be writing daily I get screwed up.  Things are well here in the mid-Atlantic if you enjoy high temps, humidity, and nasty tempers, which I don't.  Today should be called Testy Tuesday.  It started after I dropped Lou at Metro and some "person" started honking at me because I was letting the people cross the street-a law around here when they are in the crosswalk-while they had the walking figure.  Then a few blocks later, someone cut me off so he could get to the red light one car sooner than I did.  After I dropped Sarah by the gym, I drove to work and some jerk honked while I was backing into my parking space.  What is wrong with people?  If that guy was that late for work, he should have just parked on an upper level of the garage and gone to his office.

After work I dropped off the vacuum cleaner which is working fine except for the roller not rolling.  It's really hard to pick up dirt and crap when the roller doesn't roll.....

Thursday my eye surgery is scheduled and I'm really looking forward to having two eyes that see again.  Sunday I made manicotti, and filling the shells without depth perception was a real challenge, and not one I want again!

The kids are good, KS going to NYC next week and Lill is breezing in after a meeting in Boston for a long weekend.  Sometimes I think about these girls and wonder how I produced such wonderful human beings-but I know how it happened:  Lou and I decided that they were the priority once they came along, and we did everything we could to make sure they knew it.

The blue room is ALMOST empty, and we should be picking out paint this coming weekend.  So far, so good on my goal to be finished with it by September.  Life is good!

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