Thursday, July 19, 2012

just do it

Today I realized that I need to take  my own advice and just get on with things!  I have been trying to organize the basement and decided that I'm devoting too much time to trying to clean, etc and forgetting that I need "down" time, too.

Today I am going to work at organizing two bins, then figure out a mending project that has been back-burnered for  months.  Once I get that done and into the mail, I need to organize some sewing projects that have been frozen-they're too old to be back-burnered!  It may drive DD2 crazy, but I may have to start sewing at the dining room table since I will need to clear my sewing corner away to rip up carpeting.

So, I'm off to bin-ing, be back later to let you know how I did!

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