Friday, August 3, 2012

To the rescue

I guess there are just times "you can't say no".  Though we have been talking about greyhound rescue for a while now in terms of getting a dog back into our lives and home, we really had decided to wait a while we got the house in some order.  

Well, that idea flew out the window this week.  A friend at work heard of a yorkie puppy that was in a bad situation-mainly he was being fed and brushed occasionally, but not played with or really groomed.  So she asked if we would be willing to take him.  I really hadn't wanted a dog that little, but once I saw his picture, I knew we had to save him.  I mean, look at this cutie pie, even when you consider that he's been shaved in the recent past, and the hair that has grown back in was matted in numerous places.  So, today my friend picked him up and I met her to get him.  Part of the sadness is that the two adults in his short life (8 months) have always called him by two different names:  Taco and Dutch.  Being English, we decided "George" was a good name for him.  So, we are in the process of getting him to realize his new name.

He's had a bath, and I cut the worst matted hair off.  Tomorrow morning we'll go to the vet for a well-puppy check up.  Tonight, Sarah is going out with her friend Sara to buy the essentials for tonight:  a harness, new leash and bed.  He already knows "sit" and will go to the door when he wants to go out.  He has Sarah wrapped around his little paw already.

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  1. such a cutie....I loved having a dog. I lost Buddy a couple of years ago and even though I would love to get a puppy I do not want to go through that again. He was a long haired mini dachshund. He was great with the babies. In fact their first word was Buddy! I still miss him. We had to have him put down...he broke his back......I still cry when i think of that day. the vet let me hold and kiss and comfort him before she gave him the injection >>> My friend that works there stayed with him to the end. I just could not watch him go.... oh, wow, sorry. I got carried away!

    George will be so happy to be with people who will love him......
    Continue to post photos so we can see how he is doing.