Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bag Lady

So Lill wanted a bag that was not "fou-fou pink" but still had a bit of whimsy for carting her laptop back and forth to campus when she didn't want to use her "uber-pack"-that's what I privately call the Swiss gear pack all the kids have for their laptops and other stuff-it's like wearing a mini suitcase on your back. We have already picked out a pattern to make for a bag for her conferences that will look professional, so this bag had to fall in-between. I started with a basic messenger bag, but had to expand.

I made an inside pocket for just the laptop and doubled the padding in the pocket and the back of the bag. Then I put a shorter pocket on the inside front that will hold the mouse and power cord. I made an adjustable strap that may be too short, but that's not difficult to change. I thought the buckle I got for the slide was kind of tacky looking by itself, so I covered it with fabric. I also reinforced the sides and bottom with woven webbing between the outside fabric and the lining. The outside fabric was a real bargain-drapery material at $5.97/yard. The inside is quilting weight cotton in a mahjong tile print. So, it was a fun project and kept me off the streets on Sunday while I sewed.

Of course, I can't find the cord for the camera to download the pictures I took before I wrapped it for mailing, so either I'll find it soon, or Lill will have to take pictures and send them to me to post.....

There are definitely times I dislike technology.....why couldn't this camera use the same size cord as the gazillion other cameras we've had around here and still have the cords for? (and I know, I shouldn't end a comment with a preposition, but that will be a new post eventually)

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