Friday, February 3, 2012

The bag! The bag!

Okay, so here are two pictures Lill took of the bag when it arrived yesterday in AZ. I realize now that if I'd been more anal (then usual) I could have reversed the flap layout so the plaid matched the front.... isn't the lining the cutest?

It's been a couple of really busy days at work and I've come home too tired to do anything but eat dinner and sit staring off into space. Well, the staring is actually at the mantelpiece which has our anniversary clock sitting in the center, stopped at 11:40 because I haven't changed the battery yet. And Lou didn't bother to tell me until a year or so ago that he doesn't like the clock face on it and we've only had it for about 25 years. So, hopefully this weekend I can find a new clock face at AC Moore or Michael's and then I can change the face of time and put a new battery in.

I'm also happy to comment that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has come to its senses and reversed its decision to withhold funds to Planned Parenthood that are used to fund mammograms for women. If it hadn't been for a mammogram/ultrasound/MRI progression, my tumor wouldn't have been found and who knows where that could have led. March is my month: I'll be Plus 1 for 3 years!

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