Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unhappy sounds

Today I moved enough stuff in the blue room to get close to my sewing machine. I'm not sure I'm happy though, Kenny is making a very bad sound when I sew. He started it when I was appliqueing the cutouts on Peg's quilt, but I did a real good cleaning and oiling and let him sit for while. However, today when I sat down to finish up some coasters that have been cut out for months (lots of months), he was fine until about the third one, then he started squeaking. It isn't pretty. So, on Thursday when I have a day off I will load him into the car and take him in to the shop and see if the guys there can get him to stop making noises he shouldn't be making. I have about half a dozen coaster sets cut out from holidays 2009-they were for the folks at work, but then Lou ended up in ICU in Ohio and that blew that holiday season to shreds. Since they were stacked on the table in the yellow room, and all the stuff in there was moved around over the past year, I completely forgot about them until early this month when they surfaced from hiding. The nice thing is that all the cutting is done, just need to do the sewing. Man, am I getting a jump on this year's holiday gifts!

Three of four walls are done so the painting moves along. It should be finished this week and furniture start to return. Lou will be rewiring an antique lamp from my mom's house (I call it antique because it's been around forever) and that will join the redecorating scheme.

I've drafted the pattern for Lill's sort-of messenger bag. It's a bag for her computer and stuff when she goes to meetings and conferences, but it's not a true messenger bag. She's trusting my judgement to pick the material, and I'm hoping to find something that is whimsical but still will pass for professional-tall order, but I'm up for it!

I finally found the perfect thank-you gift for Lill's friends Kayla and Andy who showed us such a wonderful day in Cambridge. It turns out Kayla is a goldfish cracker fanatic, and they are not available in England. So, when I was at Costco for the first time in ages, I found not only the large box that holds three bags, there was also a box of 24 individual bags for lunches. After dinner tonight I will write a note of thanks and package it up to send to the UK. I hope they enjoy it.

I had the nicest birthday yesterday with cards from my family, phone calls and dinner out at SushiKo. I got to do nothing all day while Lou and Sarah painted. I was really bad, too, as I clicked up Netflix and spent the afternoon watching episodes of season two of Torchwood, a spinoff of Dr. Who. If you are not aware of my liking for Dr. Who, than you really don't know me very well, do you? One of the highlights, among many, of my trip to London was shopping in the flagship store of Forbidden Planet, one of the absolutely best sources of Dr. Who merchandise. I think David Tennant is still my favorite doctor, but I will give "the new guy" a chance (not much of one, but I will give him one....)

So, building on my idea of setting goals rather than making resolutions, I have done a walking dvd today. 30 minutes, but covered two miles with interval work. It wasn't easy, which shows how far I have to go, but at least I started instead of putting it off. So, one goal, Start Moving, has been started. I won't say it's been met, because it needs to be more than one time, but I'm working on it!

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