Monday, January 16, 2012

Good weather

I am really glad we are having a mild winter with no snow, just wind and cold. I am especially glad of the sun and no snow as Sarah is shopping for furnishings for her room make over. For example, she has been scouring Craig's List for a secretary. The secretary we have, my grandmother's, does not have a large enough work surface for a laptop and books, nor does it have sliding reinforcements-hence the search.

She found a few worth looking at, one she especially liked with claw feet, circa late 1800s early 1900s. The "little" hitch was that it was in Mechanicsville, VA, a short 122 mile hop away. Since her friend was coming this weekend to visit with a van, sounded like it was worth a road trip down to look at it. Saturday morning we took off on a really nice drive, the scenery was beautiful and must look extraordinary in summer all green, or autumn when the leaves are changing. The GPS the kids gave me for my birthday worked perfectly, got us to the house of the seller. It was love at second sight-first sight was online. The secretary is in excellent condition, exactly what she wanted. So, rather than have to make a second trip to VA, we put down Miss Lucy's top, loaded the secretary in the back seat, covered it with towels and twine, and drove home. Thankfully we didn't have the predicted rain to contend with! We also made a lot of people smile as they passed us (even though I was driving the speed limit) and when we stopped for a hot drink, one lady looked at us and the car and said, "I bet you two are cold". We were, a little, but we had the heat blasting at 3 and were really warm enough.

We got home and Lou helped us unload the secretary from the car before I thought to take any pictures. Humphrey is home, waiting downstairs until the painting is finished. Of course, he may have a name change once he settles into his new home.

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