Friday, November 13, 2009

Angeling and Pay it Forward

I have never thought of myself as a weak person, but I must be a closet weakling. I had this grand idea of not getting into anymore swaps or such so I could devote my time to working on things that MIGHT make a little money if I ever got my butt in gear to sew them; aprons, coasters and mitts come to mind immediately.....

Then I saw a note about angeling a few swappers who had missed out on a very fun swap because their partners bailed, so I asked if I could help out. That's not that big a deal, I've got lots of stuff for it and I really liked the theme.

But, then I realized I never posted about my sign up for Tara's Pay it Forward. I won a spot as one of her three. And so my pay it forward means that the first three people who respond that they would like to play will receive a handcrafted gift from me and in turn, have to offer a pay it forward on their blogs making handcrafted things for three people and who agree to do the same and so on-you get the idea. You have 365 days to get the item to them, but most people don't take that long. Make sense?

So, now I'm off to watch original Saturday Night Lives with Lou, and I'll check later to see if anyone grabbed at the chance to pay it forward......


  1. I will gladly pay it forward to 3 on my blog.

  2. Great! You're my first taker; I thought maybe nobody was reading lately.

  3. I'm reading but you know what kind of negative time I have lately...

  4. I'll play! Happy Thanksgiving!