Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I'm working on

I've just finished up the November block for the Bee Balm, it's a wonky log cabin with really cool colors. I think I did it right, it's hard because I read about log cabin blocks in a few different books, and each said to do it differently. I tried to do it the way some of the other bee-ers did it. You decide:

I'd like to start some Chanukah fabric aprons, but I think I need to concentrate on Will's blanket to get it finished before he goes to school.:-) I may decide to rotary cut out one of my more basic patterns, then I can just whip them up.

It was an absolutely beautiful day today, I spent about a half hour raking leaves in the sunshine, then coming in and reading. We've been vegging out in front of the tv way too much, so I'm back in a book.

I also was approved for membership in the Baking GALS, and that will be a really neat thing to be doing.

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  1. Hi San-dee! I think the "log cabin" style is very intriguing. Not being a person very versed in sewing i think it looks tough to do and keep it all squared up. The colors are great together too!

    On the cookies...My DH is a real brat sometimes... But I think being bitchy back to him is rather fun. It's sometimes gets to the contest level around here. But how boring it would be otherwise. :)

    Kitty is mauling me with his fur while I type. It's nice to have a lap kitty again.

    Bye for now!!!