Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy birthday to Lou

My husband and I are finally the same age again, I am no longer the older woman in his life. We are in Cleveland visiting for the family reunion his dad wants, and already there have been two bids for Family Fun Day status: David didn't know airlines don't serve food anymore (where has he been?) and then the special van was the wrong one.....and we have a whole lot more days of this, and everyone else is coming in tomorrow.

I've been fairly good, mentally in a good place. Sewing hasn't really picked up, but then I think it's part of the mess the downstairs is...but at least it doesn't stink anymore.

I can't write anymore at the moment, there is too much "oh, is this about me or you" going on and I have to leave this room.

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  1. Long time no talk--just wondering how your doing!