Monday, August 3, 2009

On the road again

Actually, I'm off the road again, I am back in MD from OH. It was a pleasant drive except for the two sections of single lane, 10 mph 5 mile stretches due to construction and a disabled truck.

I had a nice few days in Cleveland, though I think it's a little overwhelming for Peg, and that Si didn't realize that his friends reuniting their kids for a weekend when they have one or two kids is a lot different than reuniting 5 kids, their families, and one cousin added...I'm sorry to miss the meal at Marbella's, but Lou did burgers on the grill last night, and the lobster we had Friday for his birthday was superb.

I just finished going through the mail and it feels like my birthday! First, there was the box from Lill with a dvd for me, then there was the package from the Lucy apron swap. And that little sneaky girl Tara asked for me as her partner. she sent me an amazing package: a full length reversible apron in blue/blue dots (is there any other color? of course, the Ostrachs would say it has to be purple-but I was a Neufeld before I was an Ostrach), dish towels, fat quarters of Lucy fabric, a felted pin cushion and pins, a felted bag with a Lucy lottery card, trading cards and of course chocolate. Then, she added a bottle of her gardener salt scrub--if it is anything like her other soaps, it will be heaven. I'm disappointed I can't go to the quilting retreat because of the timing, but I will be there is spirit because.....

I have truly lost my mind and ordered 3 quilt top kits from Fabric Cafe. It's hard to resist a sale, and these look like a beginner can handle them....if not, I'll muddle through anyway.

I will post a picture of my fabulous Lucy package when Lou gets home thursday night as I left my camera in Cleveland for him (he thinks I left it by accident, I probably did but this is a good save.)

I need to stop now though I have more news, but Sarah loaded her GRE test stuff on the toshiba, and it changed the magnification to HUGE and it's difficult to follow though very easy to read.....we'll have to figure out how to fix it or get Lill or Jack to explain it...

more to follow tomorrow...


  1. I love gifts! I agree blue is a fabulous color, It use to be my favorite now I just like it a lot.


  2. Mom, the GRE program did the same thing to my computer when I was using it and I *think* all we need to do is just change the resolution settings back to normal... I will be able to tell you tomorrow. LOVE YOU.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you got it!! THREE quilts!? Why not start with one, crazy lady? We'll miss you at the retreat, but I do still hope to see you and Lou at the end of long road trip!