Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hmm, sweet, hmmm

Well, the Redhead's mode continued yesterday, but to do what she wanted me to do I had to start in the blue room downstairs because that needs to be where I stage everything from the bedroom.

Do you have any idea how gross damp smelly carpet and padding can be to remove? I started with the still pretty damp sections, and worked almost all day pulling and rolling and tying off. There was a not too bad beige speckled tile under the carpet which they messed up pretty good when they put the carpet down. Most of it seems to come up pretty fast, but under that is the puke green and brown checkerboard like the laundry room has. It is going to be a real pain to pull it up, and then who knows what shape the concrete will be in. But since 3/4 of the carpet is up and out, at least the room doesn't smell like it did after the laundry tub overflowed. so, it will be my project for this week to see how far I can get stuff finished in there.

The steps look great and there is a real texture to them that should make it much easier for LuLu to get up and down.

Today I mostly did sitting down jobs like folding laundry because I was pretty sore from the walk on Friday and yesterday's work: I'm pushing myself, and it feels good, but maybe I pushed a little too hard....I felt pretty crappy most of today.

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