Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lots of Firsts Today

I have a list of firsts for today: I finished my "first" swap angel assignment-it will go into the mail on Monday. For it, I made coasters and an oven mitt for the "first" time. I can honestly say they are the "first" projects I've quilted. Not bad for a beginner....but I definitely will need a better light if I'm going to do anything like that again.

It was fun putting the package together. The recipient was from the dream vacation swap (before my time swapping-I'm still a newbie) and her dream was cycling through Italy and a food tour of France. I made the wonderful French Flea Market apron from Busy Bee Designs-and this pattern is definitely a winner. I changed the stitching order, but that's no "nevermind". Since she wanted to bike around Italy, I figured she would need a picnic basket, and I found this neat one that folds out into a serving space. Since she would probably have wine to drink at her picnic, I made some coasters. Thinking she might want to be cooking herself, I made an oven mitt, too. Then she gets to France and will of course need a market apron-which Lou says they really wear in Paris-and browsing through the book stalls she finds an Italian cookbook, and one from Provence. So, I hope she enjoys it because I pretty much forgot to take her colors with me to the fabric store, and these are what I went with.

Now on to the Lucy swap. I'll be mailing mine later than a lot of the folks-I started the apron and then changed my mind about what I wanted to do, and I wanted to keep the first one anyway.....but, I'll definitely make it before the final mailing date.

We're doing BBQ and a movie tonight, so I'm off to set things up.

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  1. Firsts are good!!! This is my year of FIRSTS.

    Good luck to you.