Friday, July 24, 2009

Good news from the doc front

I had an appointment today with the oncologist, Dr. Raj. My blood work is normal which means that the iron deficiency 6 weeks ago was probably from surgical blood loss. Dr. Raj is really happy with my progress and basically said-"go, I'll see you at year end". She's really pleased with how "natural" my body looks right now-and the "bounce-ability" of my breasts....I told her that the nail softness and hot flashes were the only side affects of the new drug she put me on, and when she looked concerned, I told I'd eat more jello and that I'd rather have 20 hot flashes a day then have cancer.

then I took Sarah out to MVA to get her permit again so she can think about getting her license. good thing I took a crochet project, we were there for about 3+ hours. But, she doesn't have to wait the six month period to take the test-that's only for first time permit holders, and we're on number 3. She'll spend a while brushing up her skills, then take the test and have it done with! Of course, it's my fault I never forced her to take her test right away, like it's my fault I never forced her to stay in dancing lessons....I think this is one of those damned if I do, damned if I don't areas of our relationship. She's off with bandie friends in the district, so Lou and I are going out for turkey club sandwiches to celebrate his great work week and my morning news.


  1. Another first.
    This can be the First day of the rest of your life..

    Good Luck


    (ps. let's start talking Halloween!!!) :)

  3. I wonder what a "bounce-ability" test looks like! So glad for the good news!

  4. Yay San-Dee!!!
    Congratulations on the great news from the doctor! I am so glad to hear everything is going well!

  5. Such good news!! I am happy for you and hope everything stays on the even keel! ;) Good luck with a teen starting to drive. I am so glad mine are under 5 since I cant imagine my son behind the wheel even at 20.