Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Plunge

Now that I have this cancer thing licked, I decided I needed to attack some of my WIPs and see if anything would come of it. From the leftover apple print fabric, I made three half aprons today with pocket trim/placement variation. My first "inventory"-it's really exciting! I have a few other half apron ideas to play with, and I need to settle on one or two full patterns to make. I realized today that my biggest problem has been definition: I love so many hand arts that I haven't been able to edit down what I want on my website. Alan says "one of anything is 'inventory'" but I can't go by that. I think I need to settle on a few styles, then fabricate them in various prints, and see how they do.

I finished and boxed my Lucy swap last night: I'll download a picture tomorrow. I made the tiered apron pattern I like so much, but switched it to blue polka dots on white. I included a juicer and glasses, some pearls, a "dust collector" for the kitchen table, and of course, Jell-O. I would only spent Shawnee's goody budget if we hadn't seen the oak table and the Wedgewood creamer. The table's a beauty, about 48" square, and was reasonably priced because it was missing the leaves. Lou thought it would work well with the table I have downstairs already to create a cutting area for me so I don't need to use the dining room table and be running up and down all the time.

We got the creamer for Sarah for school for her milk with tea, she really likes Wedgewood and she will be 21 next Thursday. It was a little pricey, but it adds to the collection her grandmother started for her.

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  1. Is it blue jasperware? I love Wedgwood too! Such good taste runs in your family!