Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well, here it is

Well, this is my very first quilt EVER. I am so proud of it. It is for Sarah to cuddle under while she is doing all her reading for her honors thesis. It is one of the quilt kits I bought online in my fit of craziness, but it turned out pretty good. There are definitely some places where the "dancing geese" don't exactly match up, but Lou says that's part of the charm of handcrafted. The back side brings in one of her favorite colors, green, and some blue with little froggies all over the place: and no, Omi, frogs do not fly-ever-no matter what you think. I machine quilted it by sewing "in the ditch" and she did not want any extra stitching in the triangles. Her quilt, her choice.

This project helped me realize why the first sets of coasters I made seemed off. I was using a mark on the plate as a 1/4 inch measure, and it's a hair wider-so none of my rounds matched the way they should have. Now I know to use the presser foot, and since I have other coasters cut out to stitch, I'll try it on them.

I'm going to wait a little bit before I start Lilli's quilt, she'll get to pick whether she wants the geese or windmills. I didn't like the colors of Sarah's as windmills, that's why I didn't give her a choice.....Lilli's materials are blues and lavenders, not her usual first choice, but the package was called Lily Rose, and I had to buy it for my Lillian Rose. I'll do the back in pinks, her colors, and even if it's a little nontraditional, who cares?

My new game plan is to start planning holiday sewing next week and then begin when we get back from Providence and taking Sarah up to school. I have most of my stash material organized in plastic bins now and will be able to see exactly what I have to play with. So far I haven't had any luck finding Insul-Brite locally, but I may just order it online so I can make some of those microwave mitts Kathleen was talking about. I think I need to give my hands a rest from the crochet, my fingers have been cramping a lot lately.


  1. Oh it's awesome! Of course you can be in our quilting bee! I'm so proud of you--isn't it fun? Sorry I missed your call last week--of course it was in the 15 minutes I was out watering my flowers in the front. I would love for you to try again and happy belated birthday to Sarah!

  2. Mom, you can make the windmill pattern one for me - I don't care. :)

    ...and don't forget Halloween sewing! :D :D :D